On the banks of the Ohio River in Newell, West Virginia, we have been manufacturing America’s most popular dinnerware since 1871. And there’s no end in sight for our storied pottery products ... thanks to you.

Our popularity is important to us. Popularity means happy customers, and happy customers tend to grow a business. Truly, without you we toil in vain.

We want to thank you, our customers, for choosing to buy American. Your choice helps our family-owned company do what family-owned companies pray they can do—to create products and innovative manufacturing plants that will sustain the next generations of potters, artisans, and the other dedicated people in our community with whom we work.

Yes, just like you, we work for our children.

Supporting American businesses in a global marketplace where not another dinnerware company, at least of our scale, makes their own products is tantamount to supporting a local business. Do you own one? Does someone you love?

Buying local can’t be emphasized enough. Your support for our business means American jobs. Jobs reinforce the strength of local communities, and this in turn strengthens the core of our nation, literally making our country stronger at its heart. From the heart, inspiration spreads from sea to shining sea.

Of course, Made in the USA has myriad other benefits. Making what we need close to home is inherently good for the environment. And the term “Made in the USA” itself speaks to quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a superior product.

And this brings us back to our popularity.

We know our colorful glazes and inspiring shapes caught the eye of the nation when it needed a boost the most. But without offering quality, we know we wouldn't deserve a seat at your table.

If our style inspires, our quality is our voice. Shopping our product lines is to read a story as true as America’s story—one infused with pride and integrity. As America’s true master potters, what we hope you come away with is an idea of the rare pedigree behind every piece of Fiesta Tableware.

Our story is unrivaled. It is a story of care and craftsmanship that defines us as a company. Most of all, it is a story of why our signature dishes have remained at the forefront of the American culinary landscape for well over a century.

And we can't say it enough: Thank you for being part of this story. But “American-made” isn’t everything—it must also be “American bought” if we care about our country’s manufacturers. So together we can say, “I supported America.”

And that’s something to hand down to the kids.

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