Fun Facts

When you’ve been around since the 19th century, you see a lot of things come and go. Here are a few of the notable people, places, and happenings from our first 150 years.

In 2011, the U.S. Postal Service issued a series of stamps, “Pioneers of American Industrial Design.” The stamps feature an iconic piece by each designer, including Fiesta® Disk pitchers by Frederick Hurten Rhead.

Did you know Andy Warhol was a Fiesta® fan? He created this masterpiece in 1979, titled Fiesta Pig. He was an avid collector of Fiesta and used it in his daily life.

There really was a Homer Laughlin. He retired in 1897 and sold the company to W.E. Wells. Wells’ great-granddaughter, Elizabeth McIlvain, is our current president. Now that’s generations of excellence!

Did you know that in 1911, Hall China invented a new way of both hardening the clay and setting the glaze with just one pass through the kiln? It was done to speed up production without sacrificing hardness.

In 2017, The Fiesta Tableware Company was invited to the White House to represent the state of West Virginia on behalf of “Made in America” week.

In a factory as old as ours, ghost stories abound. Workers have reported hearing footsteps and even experiencing a tug on their hair. We have heard about white figures darting around the showroom and footprints that start and stop out of nowhere. Boo!

Did you know our Fiesta® Dinnerware often stars in movies and television shows? It’s because it’s iconic and represents the American dinner table best. A Christmas Story is one we’ll mention. Who else has a sighting they want to share? Contact us and let us know.

It takes a lot of space to produce as much dinnerware as we do! Luckily, our factory is a mile long in order to house all of the equipment needed. Imagine the workout our factory workers get!

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