Our Plate Flipper Following

Fiesta® has earned quite a following since its introduction in 1936. We love Fiesta fans and their passion for our colorful, American-made tableware.

In fact, many of them are “plate flippers.” When they encounter ware they think might be Fiesta, they flip it over to check the backstamp and make sure it is authentic! Our backstamp assures a quality product, made in America by a fourth-generation family-owned company, using handcrafted artistry and sustainable processes.

Our plate flipper following knows they are supporting a homegrown product. They also know they are supporting jobs—jobs of people who could be their friends and neighbors. They are part of a nationwide community that actively shows its support for the American ideals of hard work, ingenuity, and making something that lasts.

We invite you to be a plate flipper. In your travels—even at a friend’s house—snap a picture of the official Fiesta backstamp, share it on social media, tag us, and tell us where you found it. Be sure to use the hashtag #PlateFlippers. You can even do it with pieces from your own collection!

We’d love to see what you find!

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